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Group class

Every week, students with intensive group classes are given 2 lecture classes (2 hours each) and 1 tutorial (2 hours). Each class has a clear goal and theme for students to master.

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Fees (group class)

Intensive : 9000₹ with 6 hours per week (128₹/hour) 

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Structured classes

Mass Lecture

The mass lecutre is conducted by an experienced teacher with a maximum number of 15. Each class is evenly divided with : revision of the previous class, vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, and is ended with a conclusion of what we have learned in the class. 



Aside from the lecture classes, students are also given a two-hour tutorial  where they can answer the questions they have in the first quarter of the class, and practise speaking and pronunciation.

We are the whole package

Not the usual boring online classes

As experienced language learners ourselves, we know that sometimes onlien classes can be boring. However, in the Language King Academy, students will be too busy to get distracted. Rather than just spoon-feeding our students information, we invite them to take notes in their workbooks provided by the academy for free, and interact with them them one by one during the whole session.

Learning materials


After each class, students are given a page of exercise and a writing task to revise what they have learned. The writing task will be corrected by language tutors every week.



A test is to be held to all students every first week of the month to help them enahcne their memory of what they have learned. 


We believe the essenfe of language lies in meaningful conversations. That is why the Language King Academy abandons the traditional textbook. In our specially chosen textbook, important grammar points are learned through conversation written that learners seldom see in standard language-learning institution.

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