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It’s time to inspire.


About us 


The Language King Academy was founded by an Indian entrepreneur who has been living in France since 2013. Graduated as one of the top students in M.A. in Delhi University in French language, he persued his studiens in Master 2 Lettres Modernes in Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, France and is now a Ph.D Candidate.

Upon his arrrival, he realised that there is a huge difference between the French he studied at university in India and the language that the natives speak in France. To him, a new way of learning should be provided to Indian students.

Raison d’être

The young Language King Academy was founded in 2019, when the epidemic affected the lives of millions. In contrast to a more and more saturated population, the world is opening up more than ever. It is not a surprise that there is an increasing demand of language learning, especially French, spoken by 76.8 million native speakers. However, for young learners, several obstacles lay ahead :

1) costly tuition fees,
2) lack of clear methodology & direction due to overflowing resources online
3) lack of learning resources adapted to students
4) lack of native teachers in their region
With solving these problems in mind, the Language King Academy is founded to help students to reach their dreams as effectively as possible.

It’s time to inspire.

The Language King Academy firmly believes that language is a doorway to wisdom. By being able to communicate in a different language, one opens its eyes to different cultures, sees things from a different perspective, gets inspired by new friends and new knowledge. One also injects new life into the foreign culture by exchanging with the native speakers, allowing them to see new aspects of life and have new experiences. Language learning is hence a process of inspiring and being inspired.


“Language King is one of the best places to learn French language… My progress is great with their teaching and guidance.”

“Great teachers ! Helpful, organised, kind, adjusting and systematic. ”

“Their notes are really concise, helpful and to the point. They are great for revision. ”

“The way of learning here is much more effective and way different from elsewhere! I have progressed a lot by going from A2 to B1 just in a few months! ”

Get inspired now !

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