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About Us

The Language King Academy is a French language academy aimed at helping young language learners with :
 low tuition fees
abundant learning resources
• French native teachers
 clear learning schedule and methodology.

French & foreign-language learning materials any time, anywhere  

We understand that reading and listening to target language materials is an essential way to improve. By subscribing to the E-library, you can get access to over 13000 French & other foreign press and resources any time, anywhere.   

We guarantee your progress in French

 Take up the challenge of spending 30 minutes in reading or listening to materials in French in our E-library, we guarantee results after 30 days! 

Why choose us?

Best value

Our fees are at least 30% cheaper than offline courses, with better quality & more resources accessible anywhere anytime. 

Thematic workshops

we organise thematic workshops with french native teachers, writers, and people from different domains to widen the horizons of our students.

Abundant learning resources

We are one of the first language institutions in India to offer online library to its students  (go to e-library)

Effective Methodology

  • 4 hours lecture per week, with a clear theme & learning points each session
  • 2 hour tutorial with native teacher per week

Learn from the best

We have experienced and native-speaking teachers at your disposition.

Scholarship & award system

We offer our top students various encouragements including : 

  • 10% discount off for new courses 
  • free study material of their choice

Meet Your Teachers

Sandhia Vasseur

Praveen Bisht

Denise Tso

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